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Dear Chaves, Uma carta de amor

Medium: Oil Paint

Signed: Verso

Size: 89 x 61cm (unframed)

Dear Chaves, Uma carta de amor

This painting of a cork board is an accumulation of important materials to do with both sides my family heritage. My grandad is Macanese, mostly Portuguese and Chinese. the map shows the small island São Jorge within the Azores in which my ancestors were from. the flower is a rare orchid that grows on one of the islands mountain tops. there are two photos that have been turned around, these were sent to my great nan from her family in Hong Kong and had been saved. this was the only way they were able to stay in contact and be able to see how one another were. lastly I have a recipe for pasteis de nata a traditional Macanese dessert, I had my mother write out the recipe on paper and used this as a reference trying to mimic her hand writing. by having multiple family members handwriting there is a print of the importance family holds in my identity represented. this painting shows layers of family, the history of my family not only our immediate family but how it has effected us and what we hold dear, what stories, personal belongings, lessons and traditions of our culture are passed down to us.

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