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Kings Lane, Norton

Medium: Oil Paint

Signed: Verso

Size: 152 x 127cm (unframed)

Kings Lane, Norton

This painting is designed around my nans living room. For a few years I lived with my grandparents but a few months ago they finalised the sale of the house. The painting painting works in two ways. Firstly it immortalises this safe space I grew up in and secondly it pays homage to my direct roots. Our family heritage is very mixed from my grandads side but my nan has always celebrated culture and shown us the beauty in it, that we should find pride in it, which is an important lesson to teach kids who are otherwise shown being different is wrong. Within this painting it shows six generations of the Chaves bloodline. As its painted by me that's the first, secondly there is a painting within the painting that was originally painted by my mother which I intentionally included which shows the second, thirdly it is my nan and grandads home being the third, and finally the fourth shown in old family photos as well as the preceding generations within the transfers. I wanted the transfers to act as part of the painting making it a wall in hopes it shows foundation in that family is always the backbone for culture and heritage, it's what supports it and keeps it growing, teaching one generation then the next, to keep these stories alive.

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